Summer in Romans 6 Part III

Romans 6:12-14 Present Yourselves to God

Observation questions are in plain type. Interpretation questions are in italics. Application questions are in bold. (For a further explanation of how to do this Bible study, see here.)

Pray to present yourself to God and not obey the passions of sin.

Read Romans 6.

Romans 6:12-14

1. Notice the “therefore” in verse 12. If we are “dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus” (verse 11), what must we do about sin?

2. What does sin try to do?

3. Read Romans 1:28-32. The people of Romans 1 (those in Adam) have “debased minds.” They are “filled” and “full of” sin. They are characterized by their sin. Why do you think Paul writes about sin here in Romans 6:12, not as a characterization of the believer, but an entity to fight? What’s the difference between the believer and unbeliever?

4. What does Paul mean by sin having passions, and how does sin work to reign, making us obey those passions?

5. Think about the sin you struggle with. How does it try to make you obey its passions?

6. What are we not to do so that sin will not reign?

7. What two things are we to do?

8. How are we described in verse 13?

9. How does this description correspond with the previous verses in chapter 6?

10. What does it mean to present our members to sin for unrighteousness? What does it mean to present our members to God for righteousness?

11. The term “instruments” could also be translated “weapons.” What picture is Paul trying to draw for us in these verses?

12. Considering the sin you are praying about, how have you in the past presented your members to it as an instrument for unrighteousness; and, in the future, how can you present your members to God for righteousness?

13. Notice Paul does not write “Do not present yourself to sin.” The one who is truly in Christ belongs to him and cannot present her self to sin. What does it mean for you to present yourself to God as one who has been brought from death to life? How does this help you fight sin, using your members as weapons for righteousness?

14. What can we be confident of in our battle against sin?

15. Why can’t sin have dominion over us?

16. Look back at 5:17, 20-21. How do these verses correspond with 6:14? What does it mean to be under grace?

17. Notice the certainty of verse 14. It does not begin with a conditional clause. It begins with a “For” not an “If.” We should fight against sin because we are under grace and sin will have no dominion over us. The battle must be fought but the war is over. When you consider your battle with sin, what hope does the certainty of God’s grace give you?

*Previous questions for Romans 6 can be found here and here. New questions will be posted each Monday, Lord willing. Look for devotionals on Wednesdays.

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