The Good Portion: Scripture

God has spoken. He has revealed himself through his word, and it is through regularly hearing God speak that we can know him and enjoy relationship with him. Answering questions like, “Can we trust the Bible?” and “Is the Bible enough for us today?” The Good Portion: Scripture attempts to summarize the doctrine of Scripture in a way that keeps the relational nature of God’s word at the forefront. The Bible describes itself as “more to be desired…than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings from the honeycomb” (Ps. 19:10). The goal of The Good Portion: Scripture is to encourage women to discover the treasure and enjoy the sweetness of the word of God.


‘As she’s studied and taught the Scriptures, Keri Folmar has witnessed their power to speak into the lives of women from all over the world. What better guide to encourage us to understand God’s Word, trust it, and share it with others. She brings together clearly reasoned explanations of what the Bible is and beautifully personal testimonies of how it works to change lives. The Good Portion truly accomplishes its goal: to shed light on the treasure and the sweetness of the sacred Scriptures–all for the glory of the Lord Jesus who shines through them from beginning to end.’

Melissa Kruger
Author and Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Uptown Church, Charlotte, NC

‘I was excited to read The Good Portion: Scripture by Keri Folmar. Here is a book to help ladies value the Bible in day-to-day life so that God is glorified and enjoyed in this life. It is best used in small group studies so that collective wisdom challenges God’s people to apply the lessons they learn. Use it in your ladies group and see the transformation it will bring.’

Kathleen B. Nielson
Author and Advisor and Editor, The Gospel Coalition

‘If you’re frustrated with fluff and longing to learn, The Good Portion: Scripture is for you. Keri Folmar combines well-researched insights with warm writing that makes this work accessible, thought-provoking, and needed. Please read this book—it’s a treasure chest full of wisdom that will help you delight in the riches of God’s Word.’

Felistas Mbewe
Wife of Pastor Conrad Mbewe, Kabwata Baptist Church
Lusaka, Zambia


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