How do you feel about doctrine?

For most of us, that word conjures up pictures of a stodgy man smoking a pipe while he ruminates on intangible thoughts and writes incoherent ideas using unintelligible words. What does doctrine have to do with busy women who are juggling home and work and school? How does doctrine help us deal with loneliness or a difficult marriage? Why is it relevant when we’ve got urgent deadlines to meet, dishes to wash and children to raise?

The apostle Paul defined Christian doctrine as “knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness” (Titus 1:1). This truth informs every moment of our lives. The truths of the Christian faith aren’t meant to enter our heads and remain; they go from our brains down into our hearts and overflow in wisdom, joy and love. They motivate our hands, our feet and our mouths. God created us to know him and knowing him infuses life with meaning, including both our suffering and our joy. It gives meaning to our entire lives.

The Good Portion is a series written specifically for women to immerse themselves in the depths of Christian doctrine. Our goal is to spur women on to relish the truths of the Christian faith as they do what they were created for—enjoy knowing God.

REBECCA STARK is the author of The Good Portion: God.
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JENNY MANLEY is the author of The Good Portion: Christ.
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