“Created to Know God”: Interview with Author and Editor Keri Folmar

Keri Folmar tells us about The Good Portion book series that she edits #writtenbywomenforwomen

Posted by Irish Baptist Women on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sneaky Little Girl

Is doctrine divisive? What is the connection between duty and delight? How is our behavior connected to our doctrine? Listen to Rebecca Stark, the author of The Good Portion: God, discuss the answers to these questions on the Women’s Hope podcast and find out what a sneaky little girl she was.

Rebecca loves theology and wants everyone to love it as much as she does. Her enthusiasm comes through in this podcast and in her down-to-earth writing about the deep truths of God.

In addition to reading The Good Portion: God you can read Rebecca’s writing at Rebecca Writes and Out of the Ordinary.  

Delight in God’s Word Together

Are you ready for a new year of ministry to women? Whether by Zoom or in person, your church is likely starting Bible studies again this fall. How can you spur on your women to delight in God’s word together? How can you encourage women you are discipling to love reading their Bibles and pass that love on to others?

Keri Folmar, Rebecca Stark, Natalie Brand and Jenny Manley, the authors of The Good Portion Seriescollectively have over 50 years of experience in ministry to women. Join us for a Livestream on Tuesday where we’ll answer your questions about one-to-one Bible reading, group Bible studies and other women’s ministry in the local church.  

If you have questions you’d like to hear answered, post them in the comments on The Good Portion Books Facebook page.

Sneak Peak Interview: Natalie Brand

Read Natalie’s Sneak Peak Interview on her new book, The Good Portion: Salvation, with Melissa Kruger:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Christian, wife, mom, and theologian. I just love a flat white in one hand and a book in the other! 

I’m married to a fellow bibliophile, Tom, who I met at a theological college more than a decade ago. Tom serves as the ministry director for the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches, and he’s involved in pastoring pastors and supporting churches in the U.K. 

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Sneak Peak Interview

My family has lived in the Middle East for almost eight years, although we never set out to be cross-cultural church planters. I used to envision at this point in my life I would be a U.S. senator or governor—or at least attempting to be one. I was serving as the chief of staff to a senator when my husband, Josh, and I could no longer resist the urge to put all our energy into local church ministry. 

After seminary, friends of ours told us about an Arab sheikh who gave a plot of land on the Arabian Peninsula for the Christians in his emirate to have an evangelical church building. It was an incredible opportunity for a gospel presence in the Middle East. 

So we moved hemispheres and cultures, planted a church with people from dozens of nations, built a church building, and are now raising our five children in a multicultural context in the Arab world. We still love keeping up with the American political scene, but we do so safely from 7,000 miles away. 

Jenny Manley is the author of The Good Portion: Christ.

Read the rest of Jenny’s interview here.